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Navigating the digital security landscape: understanding viruses, malware, and ransomware

In the vast realm of cybersecurity, terms like viruses, malware, and ransomware are often thrown around interchangeably. While they may sound similar, each poses distinct threats to your data and digital security. Viruses: self-replicating troublemakers Imagine a tiny digital intruder that can stealthily infiltrate your system, replicate itself, and spread to other connected devices. That’s […]

Free antivirus: buyer beware

Free antivirus software can be tempting, but it’s important to be aware of the risks. In exchange for not charging a price, some free antivirus solutions may collect and sell your personal data. Others may not provide any real protection at all. If you’re looking for antivirus software, it’s best to stick with trusted vendors […]

Store data in the cloud to keep your PC running quickly

Keeping files on your PC’s local network takes up storage space which can cause the computer to slow down. You free up more data storage when you migrate your documents, photos, videos and more to a cloud storage server. This extra space will allow your device to run more smoothly and process information faster. Moreover, […]

Automatic data backups are crucial

It is essential to ensure that your data is properly protected, but sometimes it can be difficult to make the time to back it up. With Total Defense Ultimate Internet Security, however, the process of backing up your data is made incredibly simple. This solution will automatically save your important files and you can easily […]

Back up your data

Data is notorious for suddenly disappearing without warning. Maybe your power goes out while a file is writing, or something gets corrupted. Maybe you’re a victim of malware and need to completely wipe a storage drive. Practically everyone has important data they absolutely cannot lose, and the only way to be sure it’s safe is […]

Prop up your defenses with internet security software

Alertness can go a long way in staving off phishing, even of the most high-level variety. At the same time, it’s suggested you have reliable security software in place to continuously protect your system against the latest threats. Try Ultimate Internet Security from Total Defense to get you started.