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Enable two-factor authentication on your Google Account

Do you use Gmail? If the answer is yes, then it is highly recommended to establish two-factor authentication. This additional layer of security ensures that a purloined password alone will not grant an intruder access to your account. You have the option to confirm every new login attempt via an SMS or, for a more […]

Use two-factor authentication wherever possible

Two-factor authentication adds a big layer of added security to your online accounts. This type of identity verification involves entering your password, then completing an extra step with another device such as a smartphone or through your email address. Usually, this means entering a code that’s provided in one of those places. Some two-factor authentication […]

Look for two-factor authentication, rather than multi-factor

They’re often spoken about in the same breath, but they’re not necessarily the same thing. Multi-factor authentication relies on at least two ways to confirm who you are e.g. a QR code sent by SMS after you’ve entered your username and password. Multi-factor can be more complex and includes anything from SMS, and security questions […]

Set up two-step authentication on your Apple ID or Google Account

You probably have at least one device that runs either iOS or Android. In order to protect your data and identity, set up two-factor authentication so that every login attempt requires an additional credential on top of your username and password. This might be a text message code or an approval from another trusted device.