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Social media savvy: tweak those privacy settings

Scrolling through endless feeds on Facebook and Twitter? Those platforms hide secret tools to boost your privacy. Don’t settle for default settings – unlock the power of customization. Imagine your profile as a castle. Default settings leave the gates wide open. But with a few clicks, you can: You control your social media experience. Don’t […]

Keep a tweet at the top of your feed by pinning it

Maybe there’s something you want all visitors to your feed to know. Perhaps there’s a Tweet you think is especially relevant or clever and you want to highlight it. Or maybe one of your Tweets went viral and you just want to show it off. Whatever the reason, you can “pin” a tweet to the […]

If you don’t want notifications of certain conversations on Twitter, stop following them

By default, if you participate in a conversation, you’ll be notified every time someone makes a reply in the thread. Sometimes, however, these threads can go off-track, be hijacked by trolls or maybe you just lose interest in them. To stop being alerted to new posts in a conversation, touch or click the three dots […]

Protect yourself from trolls by limiting who can reply to your tweets

If you use Twitter and you’re a frequent victim of internet trolling, change the settings so only certain people can reply to your tweets. Where it says “Everyone can reply,” which is the default setting, you can make it so only people you follow or mention can reply.

Mute someone on Twitter if you don’t want to see their posts, but you do want them to see yours

Many people are probably familiar with the Block function on Twitter and other social media services, which will prevent another user from seeing or commenting on anything you post. But what if you just don’t want to see the other person’s posts and don’t mind them seeing or commenting on yours? This is what the […]

Use Twitter to check for bad URLs

Malicious links can catch you unaware, but Twitter can root them out. Its “” service shortens URLs and cross-references the original, longer URL to make sure it’s from a legitimate source. If you copy and paste any URL onto, you might receive a warning that “this link may be unsafe.” Twitter has a huge […]