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Install antivirus on all devices

To really be effective, antivirus software needs to be in place on all of your devices. Most people have long since moved beyond the days of having a single desktop PC, and have diversified to laptops, tablets, and 2-in-1s in addition to their phones. Consider investing in AV software that can be installed on multiple […]

Boston Marathon – malicious emails

The things that Virus Writers are doing are always bad and unwanted. But sometimes they are even disgusting. Using very sad events such as wars or terror acts are making this difference. People spend their time to get rid of unwanted emails all the time and now Virus Writers are using Boston Marathon tragedy for […]

Win32/Gys.A Trojan

I got an email with the subject – “Your private photos are there for anyone to see. why??” The e-mail message was – “Sorry to disturb you. Someone sent me thee pictures they seem to be from you and your boyfriend I’m really troubled by this why do you send your private naked photos around?? […]