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Beware of “spoofed” web pages

A common phishing tactic is to provide a link that “spoofs” — or imitates — a legitimate company’s web page. For example, a cybercriminal may claim to be from Google and ask you to enter information on a particular form. This form will look virtually identical to the real thing, but it could be a […]

If you drive an autonomous vehicle, turn off the GPS when not in use

Self-driving vehicles are becoming increasingly popular. Because they’re connected to the internet, autonomous vehicles are susceptible to being hacked. One of the easiest ways for a hacker to infiltrate an autonomous vehicle is through “GPS spoofing,” or when they use radio signals to disrupt the car’s navigation system. This method tricks the car into thinking […]

Double-check your email attachments

Email attachments can be dangerous. They might contain malware that causes an infection when downloaded. Even if you get an attachment from someone you know, think about it before opening it and, if you’re unsure if it’s genuine, follow up with that person separately. Cyberattackers have become skilled at spoofing return addresses to make it […]