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Review the apps that connect via your social accounts

When you sign into a site using your Facebook, Google or Twitter account, then you may have already shared some of your data with a third party. A good idea is to periodically look at which services are joined via your social networks. Recent data leak incidents illustrate the risks of allowing untrusted apps to access […]

Change who can view your story on Snapchat

Currently, the default privacy setting for Snapchat is that only people you’ve added can view your story. You can make those settings stricter for a higher level of security. To limit who can see your Snapchat story, do the following: Tap the gear icon under My Profile to open the settings menu. Scroll down to […]

Report duplicate social media accounts

If you discover a duplicate of your or someone else’s account on any social media platform, report it immediately. The account has likely been created by hackers or scammers to steal your personal information or prey on others in your network. All major social media platforms have a report feature that’s easily accessible on a […]

Turn off the “suggest your account to others” setting on TikTok

On TikTok, others will be able to discover your account if the setting “suggest your account to others” is turned on. If you are under 16, it will be turned off automatically. But if you are over 16, it is turned on automatically. If you don’t want anyone discovering your account, you can turn the […]

Download your data on TikTok

TikTok, like most other account-based services, gathers relevant data about your activity for research purposes. It’s always a good idea to see what kinds of information your service providers are collecting. You can get an overview of your data compilation by downloading a full report. Just go to your privacy settings and select “download your […]

Only connect with people you trust on social networks

While some social media may seem securer for connecting because of the limited personal information shared through them, keep your connections to people you know and trust. Also, the default setting for the status update on most social networking apps is that anyone on the Internet can see it. If you only want your trusted […]