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“Je suis Charlie” is also used by cyber criminals!

In our previous blogs we mention that cyber criminals continue using newsworthy cases of social engineering to spread their attacks. Almost every famous event on Earth has been used to perform malicious attacks and scams. The events that cyber criminals like to use most are tragic events such as terrorist attacks. Like “Boston marathon bombing” […]

Tax refund spams are back

It’s that time of the year when people in some parts of the world are filing their tax returns, and what better time for cyber crooks to trick them into falling prey for phishing attacks via emails. India has been reported in recent malware threat reports as one of the regions with high spam activity […]

Android Social Engineering Threats in the Spotlight

In all of our earlier blogs about the Android threats, we have highlighted the fact that user awareness is one of the most important factors to fight against the social engineering threats. Yesterday, a familiar Android threat was making news powered by a sound social engineering trick.  This blog looks at the differences/similarities of the […]