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Keep your Google account safe: add a recovery number

Ever feel a little lost in the login maze? We’ve all been there But fear not, tech adventurer adding a recovery number to your Google Account is like having a secret key to get back in. Imagine forgetting your password and feeling locked out of your digital life. A recovery number is your digital lifeline, […]

Disable unused features for extra security

Ever feel overwhelmed by all the pre-installed features on your computer? You’re not alone Many devices come loaded with options you might never use. But here’s the secret: unused features can be security risks. Think of it like leaving your house with all the doors and windows unlocked – not ideal disabling features you don’t […]

Regularly review app permissions and security settings

Continuously scrutinize the permissions and security settings of your installed apps. Some apps may update and request new permissions, potentially compromising your privacy. Adjust settings to the most privacy-conscious options and consider uninstalling apps that request unnecessary access to sensitive information. Additionally, be cautious of apps that have a history of security incidents or questionable […]

Know what parts of your browser you should commonly clear

There’s a lot of information stored in your browser that will probably stay there permanently if you don’t do anything about it. All of it can also potentially be seen by unwanted parties. If it doesn’t matter to you either way, you can safely clean out *everything* when clearing your browser history, whether in the […]

Max out your web browser security settings

It’s best practice to set your web browser security settings to the highest possible level. This may mean a few websites can’t load or work properly. A smart approach is to stick to the highest level of online security and only enable extra features if they’re absolutely necessary. If you’re confident a site is trustworthy, […]

Require a PIN when your computer turns on or wakes from sleep

PINs are a useful layer of security that ensures only authorized users can use your computer. You can customize when a PIN is needed — you may only want a PIN to appear at startup, for example — but it’s a good idea to at least require one both at startup and when your computer […]