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AI security smarts–guarding your data gates

Machine learning (ML) is awesome – it helps us analyze data faster and smarter than ever before. But here’s the thing: all that data flowing in can create a new security risk called ML poisoning. Imagine someone feeding a bad apple to your super-powered learning machine – it can mess up your entire system! Here’s […]

Employ intrusion detection systems (IDS)

Intrusion detection systems (IDS) scrutinize network traffic and identify deviations from baseline behavior to facilitate real-time monitoring of your network. They also work to point out unauthorized access attempts and potential security breaches more generally. Whether host-based, network-based or cloud-based, IDS options provide comprehensive coverage. When anomalies are detected, your IDS generates alerts, allowing you […]

Pay attention to security breaches in the news

Let’s say you have an account with an online store that becomes the victim of a cyberattack. Find out the details of that specific attack, then take necessary security steps to protect your information, such as changing login credentials or cancelling credit cards associated with your account.