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Know your e-waste laws and pickup centers

Disposing of electronics is a tricky business. Tossing old monitors, PCs, cellphones and other devices straight into the dumpster is not only dangerous, but in many jurisdictions, it also carries a fine. Research the laws in your area to find out what you can and can’t throw away. Even if trashing e-waste is permitted in […]

Securely wipe your hard drive before donating or recycling an old PC

Always make sure to perform a factory reset before you dispose of used personal electronics. For added security, you should securely erase hard drives, too. This may be required by your employer’s tech policy, so make sure to work closely with the IT department to meet their security protocol. For many uses, free and open-source […]

Keep your software up to date

New vulnerabilities are continually emerging, but the best defense against attackers exploiting patched vulnerabilities is simple: keep your software up to date. You should enable software updates whenever possible. This is the most effective measure you can take to protect your computer, phone, and other digital devices. Try our Ultimate software it’s built-in vulnerability module […]

Establish end-of-life plans for your online accounts

Today, part of end-of-life planning entails managing a myriad of digital details. It’s very important to use a vaulted password manager and leave clear instructions for how to manage your social media and other accounts in the event of your passing. As always, we recommend using a password manager instead of writing passwords down.

Access important accounts from web browser not links

Phishing is one of the oldest and most effective cyberattack techniques. Never click on any emailed or texted links claiming to take you to your account page for a password reset or other modification to decrease your risk of having sensitive data stolen. Instead, if you’re uncertain whether action is warranted, type the URL directly […]

Use Bluetooth alternatives for better battery life and greater security

Bluetooth access can serve as an entry point to your laptop or mobile device for malicious actors, and leaving it on could drain the battery. Try alternatives that allow you to reduce the attack surface while lasting longer on a single charge. For instance, if you play music from an external source, plug in using […]