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Tread lightly with third-party keyboards on phones and tablets

Third-party keyboards allow you to customize how you type on a touchscreen device, whether that customization entails swipe-based typing, new stickers and emoji, or something else. The tradeoff is that the keyboard can see everything you type. That might be harmless depending on the vendor, but it’s still a big risk to take and one […]

Don’t put all your digital eggs in one basket

Do you have critical items (like family photos or lists of passwords) saved only on a single device? If so, be sure to diversify your backup strategy and move these assets to other devices and locations. Cloud backup and external hard drives are both good options.

Set important applications and updates to be installed automatically

Updates are integral to keeping all networked software secure. You can ensure updates are installed automatically, which is in fact the default for apps on Android and iOS, or schedule a big installation – like an OS update – in advance. These options are better and safer than having to apply updates manually.

Don’t forget about antivirus

As cybersecurity threats have evolved, longstanding protective tools like antivirus (AV) software have taken a back seat to different solutions like password managers and cloud backups in discussions of how to stay safe. AV still has its place though, particularly if you rely on a PC or Mac. It’ll scan for known threats and quarantine […]

Log out of any public computer you use

If you log in to a computer you don’t own at a library, kiosk or other public place, be very careful about what you do while using it. Be aware that your activities could be monitored and that it’s probably not prudent to conduct sensitive transactions such as online banking. Most importantly, make sure to […]

Avoid using BitTorrent clients

In the pre-Netflix era, torrenting was a popular way to pirate video files for home consumption. While it has declined since the 2000s, BitTorrent traffic is still substantial, due to the possibility of quickly downloading free content. In addition to being illegal due to copyright infringement, torrenting can also expose your device to malware and […]