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Add a second email address for Google account recovery

For many people, their Gmail account is the only personal email address they use. However, if your lose access to your Google account or it becomes compromised, selecting a secondary email address can help you recover the account. From your Google account page, open the Security tab. Then, scroll down to the section that says […]

Be cautious with signing into apps with social network accounts

Some apps are integrated with social network sites—in these cases, the app can collect information from your social network account and vice versa. Ensure you are comfortable with this type of information sharing before you sign into an app via your social network account. Alternatively, use your email address and a unique password to sign […]

Use Google’s Inactive Account Manager to make a legacy plan

Dormant Google accounts can contain a treasure trove of information. It could be valuable to cybercriminals or provide crucial information that you want to share with your loved ones. To ensure that your data is protected once you are no longer able to access it, use Inactive Account Manager. From the main page of your […]

Store your backups separately

Best practice is to store your backups on a separate device that cannot be accessed from a network, such as on an external hard drive. Once the backup is completed, make sure to disconnect the external hard drive, or separate device from the network or computer.

Link to comments in Google Docs for clearer communication and data retention

Opened and resolved comments in Google Docs can be linked for enhanced collaboration and user transparency. By clearly communicating with other users, you lessen the risk of improper deletion or data sharing. If you want to direct other users on a shared document to a specific comment, select the vertical ellipsis next to the comment, […]

Monitor version history on Google Docs to discover updates and changes

The ability to accurately monitor version history and alterations is essential for data integrity and can be very useful for collaboration. Version history visibility is built into Google Docs. Select File, then click “Version history” and “See version history.” You’ll be able to monitor all changes to the document from named users and see if […]