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Be aware of common email scams

One of the best-known email scams the “Nigerian prince” scheme is important to recognize, but it’s hardly the only one. Some others to keep an eye out for include emails purporting to be from government agencies (which almost never communicate with individuals in this manner) and communications from Internet service providers (ISPs) and software companies, […]

When online dating, perform a reverse image search on matches

Romance scams target unsuspecting users by fooling them into a relationship with their false identity. They often solicit money from their victims via blackmail, extortion or manipulation. Avoid being scammed by reverse image searching their profile photos. This can give you an indication that their photos are either legitimate or stolen.

Be mindful of crypto scams

Cryptocurrencies have increased in popularity in recent years. Consequently, blockchains have also been the target of cybercriminals. Cryptos, like Bitcoin, use security keys to protect currency with unique corresponding sets of letters and numbers. Despite these measures, bad actors are increasingly using cryptocurrencies to steal information and collect ransom. Before purchasing a coin, make sure […]

Be extra wary of email scams around or weekends or holidays

These times are especially busy for bad actors. They’ll often target their attacks around the weekends or holidays, when IT infrastructures are at their most vulnerable. Whether at home or work, be extra cautious when opening emails. Phishing scams are especially deceptive at these times. If you receive a suspicious email offering you a great […]

Beware of scammers that exploit natural disasters

Natural disasters such as Hurricanes, Tornadoes and Floods prompt scammers to solicit contributions supposedly for a charitable organization or a good cause. Definitely it’s best not to respond to unsolicited spam e-mails. Also, be suspicious of individuals representing themselves over e-mail as officials soliciting for donations. Do not click on links within an unsolicited e-mail. […]

Limit message-based scams in Apple iMessage

The Messages app on any iPhone or Mac collects both your SMS texts and iMessage chats. For the latter, you can configure a setting that restricts notifications for any iMessage from a phone number or email address that’s not already in your contacts list. This can be used to help filter out message spam and […]