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Adjust your browser preferences to limit pop-up windows and cookies

Pop-up windows are often generated by some kind of scripting or active content. Adjusting the settings within your browser to reduce or prevent scripting or active content may reduce the number of pop-up windows that appear. Some browsers offer a specific option to block or limit pop-up windows. Certain types of cookies are sometimes considered […]

Forget about posting a privacy notice to your Facebook account

You might have seen Facebook posts beginning with “For the record…” and containing official-sounding language about how the poster is denying Facebook the ability to “take action” against him or her based on various statutes. These posts do nothing. If you want to control your privacy on the site, the best step is to not […]

Stop your Facebook profile from being searchable by phone number

Although it wasn’t designed as such, Facebook is a powerful caller ID service – it’s easy for anyone to paste a phone number into the search field and find the profile associated with it. The same can be done with email addresses. Change your privacy settings to prevent strangers from easily digging into your personal […]