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Read the “terms and conditions” of a service before signing up

Most people will accept a company’s privacy policy without reading a single word of it first. By doing this, you may be allowing that service to track, collect and sell your data without your knowledge. Before creating accounts with new services, make sure you know what you’re signing up for by at least skimming the […]

Take advantage of private browsing

By using a private browser, you can prevent websites from tracking and collecting your data. Plus, none of your browsing history will be recorded, so you don’t have to worry about other users snooping on your activity.

Send “do not track” requests to websites

In your browser’s settings, you should be able to turn on “do not track,” which means every website you visit will be asked to refrain from tracking your data. While many sites will ignore this request, it’s a good way to start limiting how much of your data is being collected by online services.

Reread every email before sending

An email can live forever if the recipient doesn’t delete it. Even then, it might still be recovered on one of its mail servers. Review each email to see if it contains any information that might cause you trouble down the road, such as some inadvertently copy/pasted text or a Social Security number.

Use the highest-level settings on your web browsers

Web browsers are your principal connection to the rest of the Internet, and multiple applications rely on your browser to work. Numerous web applications try to enhance your browsing experience by enabling different types of functionality, but this could be unnecessary and may leave you vulnerable attack. A good approach is to set the highest […]

Share only with people you know

Although many users seek to establish as many contacts on social networks as possible, consider sharing personal information only with people you know. If you expand your contacts beyond people you are sure you can trust, check the service’s settings to see if you can group your contacts and assign different levels of access based […]