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Review online privacy policies

Privacy policies are the Internet’s counterparts of fine print: They frequently hold many important details that nevertheless usually go unnoticed. Any time a company informs you of an update to its privacy policy, be sure to read it, since it might explain how your data is collected and shared with third parties. You can then […]

Do business with credible companies to protect your privacy

Before supplying any information online, think about the answers to the following questions: Do you trust the business? Is it an established organization with a credible reputation? Does the information on the site suggest that there is a concern for the privacy of user information? Is genuine contact information provided? If you answered “No” to […]

Review the company’s privacy policy before creating an account

When you make an account with an organization, they will begin collecting some of your information to better understand your spending habits as well as their client base as a whole. It’s normal for a company to collect information on purchase history as well as some demographic information, like age. The data that a company […]

Check privacy policies and uncheck boxes

Check the privacy policy before you submit your email address to a website. See if it allows the company to sell your email to others. You might decide not to submit your email address to websites that won’t protect it. When submitting your email address to a website, look for pre-checked boxes that sign you […]

What is “Do Not Track”?

Do Not Track is a setting in most internet browsers that allows you to express your preference not to be tracked across the web. Turning on Do Not Track through your web browser sends a signal to every website you visit that you don’t want to be tracked from site to site. Companies then know […]

Read the “terms and conditions” of a service before signing up

Most people will accept a company’s privacy policy without reading a single word of it first. By doing this, you may be allowing that service to track, collect and sell your data without your knowledge. Before creating accounts with new services, make sure you know what you’re signing up for by at least skimming the […]