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Make an event private on Google Calendar

Did you know that other people at your company may be able to see your Google Calendar events? That can be a good thing in terms of office transparency. However, if you’re setting events as self-referential reminders or booking time for a sensitive personnel meeting, you might want to limit who can see certain details. […]

Protect your privacy online

Before submitting your email address or other personally identifiable information online, you need to be sure that the privacy of that information will be protected. To protect your identity and prevent an attacker from easily accessing additional information about you, be cautious about providing your birth date, Social Security number, or other personal information online.

Check your settings before joining an online meeting

If you use online meeting software for audio and video conferencing, it’s recommended to use their preview screens to ensure all your settings are right before joining. You can mute your mic and/or turn off your camera there. Doing so can help avoiding leaking information or making comments that you didn’t want others to hear.

Position your external monitor in a private place

Connecting your laptop to an external monitor gives you much more real estate for working and for viewing media like video. Positioning is important, though – since these monitors are so big, they can broadcast a lot of information in plain view. To avoid walk-by surveillance, position them somewhere where they can’t easily be seen, […]

Stay current – Keep pace with new ways to stay safe online

Keep up with new technology and ways to manage privacy. Visit, our own Security Tip of the Day or other trusted websites for the latest information about ways to stay safe online. Talk about what you discovered with your family and engage them on a regular basis to share what they know about privacy.

Watch what information you give away

During this global pandemic, be extra alert to the kinds of information being collected to complete any online transaction. If the merchant is requesting more data than you feel comfortable sharing, cancel the transaction. You only need to fill out required fields at checkout and you should not save your payment information in your profile. […]