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Don’t stream illegally

Are you eager to watch the new season of “Stranger Things,” but don’t want to pay for Netflix? There are many illegal streaming services on the web that will give you free access to movies and TV shows. But you’re better off paying for a legitimate service, since most of these websites are unsecured and/or […]

Avoid antivirus scams

Cybercriminals will create pop-up ads promoting fake antivirus solutions. In reality, the ads are the viruses themselves. And if you click them, your computer may be infected. These ads will say things like, “Warning! Your computer is infected” and “Click here to get rid of the virus!” Definitely don’t click anything in the ad. Instead, […]

Avoid clicking on links inside pop-up windows

Since pop-up windows are often a result of spyware, clicking on the window may install spyware software on your computer. Close the pop-up window, select on the “X” icon in the titlebar instead of a “close” link within the window.

Look out for tech support scams

Chances are that when you need technical support, you’ll reach out to the company – not the other way around. The latter situation is common with many scams, though. Someone will call or email you and ask you to take a few (likely compromising) steps, such as revealing your Social Security number or account login […]

Block pop-up advertisements

Pop-up blockers disable windows that could potentially contain malicious code. Most modern browsers have a feature that you can enable to block pop-up advertisements, check in the browser settings.

Ignore security “alerts” in pop-up ads

Some websites features aggressive advertising and tracking mechanisms. It’s common to see ads for free antivirus software and system scans, as well as warnings that your device has been compromised and requires immediate action, like calling a certain number. These schemes are invariably scams and should be ignored.