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Know the signs of a computer virus

The quicker you find out your system is infected, the sooner you can seek out a solution. If you start experiencing unexpected pop-up windows, slow internet speeds, low storage space and frequent crashing, then there’s a chance your computer has a virus.

Avoid clicking on links inside pop-up windows

Since pop-up windows are often a result of spyware, clicking on the window may install spyware software on your computer. Close the pop-up window, select on the “X” icon in the titlebar instead of a “close” link within the window.

How to Spot and Avoid Tech Support Scams

You’re just about to put the final strokes on your project when suddenly an error message pops up. There might even be a number for you to call in order to fix the issue. Tech support scammers want you to believe you have a severe problem with your computer, like a virus. These scammers want […]

Never heed the fake warnings in web ads

Some invasive web ads take the form of alerts telling you to call support for help with a system infection. You should never follow their advice, since doing so will likely put you at greater risk of paying exorbitant fees for call to premium phone numbers or clicking on links to compromised sites.