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Try using emoticons in your passwords

How do you create a password that’s both strong and memorable? A password generator helps, but you can also use tricks to make the process easier, such as using emoticons. Inserting a “:)” or “:P” is a clever way to add character variety and strength to a password while keeping it memorable.

Don’t give out a password on a phone call

Never supply your current or old passwords to someone on the phone claiming to be from tech support. If you need to reset your password, you can usually do so by clicking a link on the site in question and/or supplying your old password.

Use a variety of strong passwords

Use different passwords for different accounts and devices. Do not choose options that allow your device to remember your passwords. Although it’s convenient to store the password, that potentially allows cybercriminals into your accounts if your device is lost or stolen.

Review your financial statements regularly for anomalies

Some malware and viruses can harvest the login information and personal details necessary to conduct fraudulent transactions in your name. For that reason, you should always scan your financial statements for any mysterious charges so you can alert the institution and take corrective steps like changing your passwords.

Go beyond six or eight characters in self-created passwords

Creating passwords is both an art and a science. It should be complex enough to thwart common guessing methodologies, but easy enough to remember. One way to strike a balance is to use an abbreviated phrase interspersed with a number and a special character, if applicable. That combination will give you a long yet memorable […]

Change your passwords regularly, or immediately in the case of a breach

Creating a strong password is only part of the password battle. You also need to update it regularly to hedge against the possibility it’s been compromised. If there’s a publicly disclosed data breach that affects your account, then you’ll want to change your password immediately.