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Keep your passwords on the down-low

Don’t tell anyone your passwords and watch for attackers trying to trick you into revealing your passwords through email or calls. Every time you share or reuse a password, it chips away at your security by opening up more avenues in which it could be misused or stolen.

Use a long passphrase

Using long and complex passwords is one of the easiest ways to defend yourself from cybercrime. According to NIST guidance, you should consider using the longest password or passphrase permissible. For example, you can use a passphrase such as a news headline or even the title of the last book you read. Then you can […]

Avoid wrong password entry and lockouts by toggling password visibility

Most of the time, when you enter a password it shows up as a bunch of dots to obscure what’s actually being typed. Unfortunately, this setup makes it hard to know if you’re actually entering the right characters. Assuming no one is looking over your shoulder, consider toggling the visibility setting – it usually looks […]

Avoid overly simple lockscreen PINs

You should set up a lock screen PIN on your phone or tablet. However, make it something more complex than “123456” or “111111” as those choices are relatively popular and would be at the top of the list of anyone trying to guess their way into your device.

Use caution when providing your personal information

Emails that appear to come from a legitimate source and websites that appear to be legitimate may be malicious. An example is an email claiming to be sent from a system administrator requesting your password or other sensitive information or directing you to a website that requests your information. Online services (e.g., banking, ISPs, retailers) […]

Use a unique password for each site

Recycling passwords is easy, but dangerous. Make sure that every site you create an account for has a unique and strong password. You can use your own methodology to create such passwords, for example by turning a long and memorable phrase into acronym. Alternatively, you can use a password generator.