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Use password security questions properly

For accounts that ask you to set up one or more password reset questions, use private information about yourself that only you would know. Answers that can be found on your social media or facts everyone knows about you can make it easier for someone to guess your password.

Fib the answers to your security questions

If you’re tired of trying to remember who you said your favorite actor was or whether you should use the abbreviation or spell out “Street” for the address of your first home, here’s some good news: It’s better to make up the information for your security questions anyway. This will make it easier to remember […]

How to protect your passwords

Now that you’ve chosen a password that’s easy for you to remember, but difficult for others to guess, you have to make sure not to leave it someplace for people to find. Writing it down and leaving it in your desk, next to your computer, or, worse, taped to your computer, is just making it […]

Create a password for online video meetings

Video conferencing software is more popular than ever. That said, there are some security liabilities associated with its use, such as not enforcing password requirements for attendees. A password-less meeting could in theory let anyone join in, which could in turn let them listen to the discussion and steal sensitive information as well. Require a […]

Consider using a password manager

Password manager applications manage different accounts and passwords while having added benefits, including identifying weak or repeated passwords. There are many different options, so start by looking for an application that has a large install base (e.g., 1 million plus) and an overall positive review. Properly using one of these password managers may help improve […]

When it comes to password protection, listen to the experts

Cybersecurity professionals recommend creating passwords that are at least 20 characters long, with a unique mix of letters, numbers and symbols. They also say you should never use the same password twice and update them every 90 days.