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Enforce password security

People are prone to using passwords that are far too easy to hack. When asked to change them, many default to the trick of simply changing a numerical value or adding a special character. To maintain network security, choose a password manager. Then change your passwords on a monthly basis, which should update to the […]

Avoid single-word passwords

When passwords are successfully guessed, it’s usually because they’re too simple. The inclusion of common single words within a password — e.g., “football,” “sunshine,” etc. — make them much easier to guess. Use phrases and initials, symbols and numbers instead to increase complexity and decrease security risk.

Restrict Zoom attendance to authenticated accounts only

By now, you’re probably aware of the risks of Zoom bombing, especially for large-scale meetings. Even password-protected sessions can get hijacked by users posting the login credentials to online forums. Professional account holders can restrict meeting access to users who have been authenticated with the organization’s single-sign-on feature.

Use password security questions properly

For accounts that ask you to set up one or more password reset questions, use private information about yourself that only you would know. Answers that can be found on your social media or facts everyone knows about you can make it easier for someone to guess your password.

Fib the answers to your security questions

If you’re tired of trying to remember who you said your favorite actor was or whether you should use the abbreviation or spell out “Street” for the address of your first home, here’s some good news: It’s better to make up the information for your security questions anyway. This will make it easier to remember […]

How to protect your passwords

Now that you’ve chosen a password that’s easy for you to remember, but difficult for others to guess, you have to make sure not to leave it someplace for people to find. Writing it down and leaving it in your desk, next to your computer, or, worse, taped to your computer, is just making it […]