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Level up your web browser security

Freshly installed web browser? Don’t hit the web just yet Taking a few minutes to secure your browser is like putting on armor before venturing into the digital world. Imagine your browser as your shield for exploring the internet. By making some adjustments, you can transform it into a powerful defense tool. Here’s how to […]

Force HTTPS connections with browser extensions for better security

HTTPS is a secure way to browse the web, while HTTP is not. That’s why you should always look for the lock icon in the address bar before entering sensitive information, such as your credit card number or social security number. But what if the website you’re visiting doesn’t offer HTTPS? That’s where browser extensions […]

Regularly review and update your privacy settings on social media platforms.

You can fortify your online privacy by regularly reviewing and updating your privacy settings on all social media platforms. Check in on who can view your posts, profile information and friend lists, preferably limiting the visibility of your posts to those you know. Also, regularly review third-party app permissions and revoke access to any suspicious […]

Store data in the cloud to keep your PC running quickly

Keeping files on your PC’s local network takes up storage space which can cause the computer to slow down. You free up more data storage when you migrate your documents, photos, videos and more to a cloud storage server. This extra space will allow your device to run more smoothly and process information faster. Moreover, […]

Use a paid security software suite for added online security

Antivirus software is not enough by itself, Windows’ built-in antivirus is just competent, paid security suites offer much more than antivirus protection. They can also: Detect bad links Scan for malicious emails Have their own firewall Scan for vulnerabilities Ensure your privacy during financial transactions Protect you from spam These are just some of the […]