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Change default passwords on home routers and devices

Many devices in your smart home, from your Wi-Fi router to a new baby monitor, may ship with a default username and password, such as “admin” for both credentials. You should change them as soon as possible to avert exposure to botnets designed to take over devices with easily guessed login credentials.

Turn off file sharing when not needed

File sharing allows you to open a file from one device that’s located on another device on the same network. You should only enable file sharing when on a home or private network. Beyond that, consider creating a file folder specifically for file sharing to avoid exposing your entire drive to anyone on the network.

Disable Universal Plug and Play (UPnP)

UPnP is what allows your devices to recognize each other because they are on the same network. For example, if you buy a new printer and connect it to your Wi-Fi, it might recognize your computer automatically. While UPnP is convenient, it makes it less complicated for hackers to access your accounts. You can turn […]

Grant granular access to shared files

Sharing files by email should be discontinued across the board. Instead, use a secure file sharing system with granular access control. This permits you to authorize different levels of access, such as viewing, commenting and editing. Never include files that contain ways to access your network.

Monitor for Shadow IT

When faced with a task, a problem or a deadline, you may be tempted to innovate to resolve the issue and continue moving forward. Innovation is good, but can prove perilous if it leaves holes in your security when you try to bypass perceived limitations of solutions provided by a centralized IT department. Set new […]

Connect stationary devices via Ethernet

An Ethernet connection, if available, is ideal for streaming boxes/TVs, game consoles and other hardware that sits in one place most of the time. It provides more predictable performance and is also more secure since transmissions are not interceptable over the air.