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Reset a phone or tablet to factory settings before giving it away

Thinking of upgrading to a new mobile device? Make sure you completely wipe all of the information on the old phone or tablet before giving it away or trading it in. This is usually pretty easy to do, as there’s a button within the settings menu of the device that allows for a factory reset.

Don’t give your phone to a stranger

Your phone likely contains a lot of sensitive data that only you really need to see. For that reason, it’s advisable to avoid lending it to anyone you don’t know”?, particularly if it’s already unlocked. There are a lot of creative stories that people come up with to justify “borrowing” your device in a pinch, […]

Use “hidden” mode for Bluetooth on your mobile device

When Bluetooth is enabled, make sure it is “hidden,” not “discoverable.” The hidden mode blocks other Bluetooth devices from recognizing your device. This does not prevent you from using your Bluetooth devices together. You can “pair” devices so that they can find each other even if they are in hidden mode. Though the devices will […]

Create a SIM pin to protect against theft

What if your SIM card were removed and put into another phone, allowing someone else to receive your calls and messages? You can hedge against this possibility by setting up a SIM PIN on iOS or Android. With that enabled, your SIM isn’t usable unless someone knows its corresponding PIN.

Use Google prompts to confirm logins on a mobile device

Two-factor authentication (2FA) makes your accounts more secure. For a Google Account, confirming each new login via a prompt is one of the safest and most convenient 2FA options. Once you enable the option from your account page, you can confirm or deny login requests from your mobile device. On Android, these prompts come from […]

Review which devices have access to your Google Account

The settings page on your Google Account is a useful place to review all of the devices that have been used for logging into your account. While most of these are probably devices that you own, it’s a good idea to review them and immediately log out of any that don’t look familiar or that […]