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Don’t store sensitive data in the Notes app

Do you keep credit card numbers or log-in credentials in the Notes app on your iPhone? If so, you’re at risk of having your identity stolen by someone else who has access to your phone. Use iCloud Keychain instead.

Accept updates and patches to your smartphone’s software

You should keep your phone’s operating system software up to date by enabling automatic updates or accepting updates when prompted from your service provider, operating system provider, device manufacturer, or application provider. By keeping your operating system current, you reduce the risk of exposure to cyber threats.

Keep tabs on your apps

Many connected appliances, toys, and devices are supported by a mobile application. Your mobile device could be filled with apps running in the background or using default permissions you never realized you approved—gathering your personal information without your knowledge while also putting your identity and privacy at risk. Check your app permissions and learn to […]

Wipe your phone clean before getting rid of it

If you plan on selling your phone or giving it to a friend, make sure you delete everything that’s on it first. Take a minute to think about which files you want to hold on to. These could be pictures, messages, phone numbers, notes, etc. Back all of that data up into the cloud or […]

Keep your mobile phone safe

Your mobile devices probably contain more private data than you’d like to admit: pictures, emails, phone numbers. All of this can be stolen and copied by hackers. One of the first and most important steps to keeping your phone safe is setting up a lock screen. Also, don’t house ultra-sensitive files like documents with your […]

Reset a phone or tablet to factory settings before giving it away

Thinking of upgrading to a new mobile device? Make sure you completely wipe all of the information on the old phone or tablet before giving it away or trading it in. This is usually pretty easy to do, as there’s a button within the settings menu of the device that allows for a factory reset.