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Use a next-generation firewall instead of a traditional firewall

This mainly applies to businesses. Traditional firewalls have limited potential and don’t typically include features like built-in malware protection and application monitoring. Next-generation firewalls do and are much more powerful than their counterparts. As a result, upgrading to a next-generation firewall can significantly enhance overall security and better protect sensitive information from new threats.

Vaccinate your USB drives

A common feature in antivirus software is the option to “vaccinate” USB drives. This prevents any malware from automatically running as soon as you plug it in. While this feature often goes by different names from software to software, it can be useful if you commonly share USB drives with friends or co-workers.

The most dangerous malware of 2022

2021 was, unfortunately, a predictably good year for cybercriminals. With remote and hybrid working solutions gaining popularity, people are using the internet in more ways than ever before, making them ripe targets for cybercrime. In addition, malware that targeted major government infrastructure succeeded with the Colonial Pipeline, which was the victim of a ransomware attack. […]

Don’t trust free versions of antivirus software to keep you safe

Free trials are great ways to learn about an antivirus suite’s features before purchasing it. However, you shouldn’t count on a trial version to keep you safe – it’s meant to be a purchase aide, not a comprehensive defense against malware. Be sure you upgrade to a full version to stay safeguarded.

Install and use antivirus software

Installing an antivirus software program and keeping it up-to-date is a critical step in protecting your computer. Many types of antivirus software can detect the presence of malware by searching for patterns in your computer’s files or memory. Antivirus software uses signatures provided by software vendors to identify malware. Vendors frequently create new signatures to […]

Reboot computer devices to purge malware

Numerous malware variations are stored in RAM, meaning that when you reset the device in question, they disappear. That was the case for a VPN Filter malware that affected many routers. Reboot regularly to keep safe.