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Big “Download” buttons: A red flag for online scams

You’ve probably seen them before: large, colorful buttons on websites that say “Download” or something similar. But beware! These buttons are often ads (or worse) in disguise. Legitimate software vendors will not make you download their software this way. If you need to download software, always go to the official website of the vendor or […]

Beware of apps not from the official platforms on social media

When choosing which third-party applications to enable, it’s important to be cautious. Stay away from applications that seem suspicious and take the time to modify your settings to ensure that they are only able to access the bare minimum of information required. Doing so can help protect your data from potential malicious activity.

Be careful of malicious apps on smartphones

Apple and Google try to keep their app stores clean of malware, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Don’t download any apps that seem suspicious, and check the user reviews to make sure everyone’s experience with the app has been safe. Getting rid of bad apps on your smartphone can be exceedingly difficult once […]

Do your homework

When you see an exciting new app or game, it’s tempting to just go for it and hit the install button. Before you do this, check a few things to ensure it’s genuine and safe. Look at the source — where you’re downloading it from, as well as who the developer is. Check reviews: while […]

Collecting a lot of sensitive data? Try data loss prevention software

Nowadays, businesses are full of delicate information – exactly the type that malicious outsiders would love to get their hands on. One of the best ways to protect your business data is to deploy a data loss prevention (DLP) solution. This is software designed to prevent both insiders and outsiders from transferring data outside the […]

Download software only from trusted vendors

When cruising the internet on a PC or Mac, you’ll eventually run across websites imploring you to click a link or button to download a program. You should avoid most of these programs. Increase your security by setting your device to only run programs from the official app store for its operating system (OS), or […]