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Set up a Guest account on macOS

If you have a Mac and need to share it with someone, you should set up a Guest account before doing so. This can be done from System Preferences -> Users and Groups. A Guest account provides minimal features, so that the user cannot do any damage to the operating system or your data.

Replace devices that don’t support modern OSes

Older operating systems are generally less safe than newer ones, especially if they’re connected to an IP network such as the internet. If you have any devices that do not support the latest releases of their OSes (e.g., a PC that couldn’t install Windows 10), think about replacing them with something more recent.

Learn how to encrypt your hard drive on Windows or MacOS

If your computer were ever lost, you’d want the peace of mind that the data contained on it wouldn’t be recoverable by whoever stole or found it. Full-disk encryption is the best solution here. Both Microsoft Windows and Apple MacOS contain built-in utilities – BitLocker and FileVault, respectively – for encrypting all of your local […]

Limit AirDrop sharing on iOS and macOS devices

AirDrop is a convenient way to transfer files between iOS and/or macOS devices that are close to one another. It doesn’t even require an internet connection or any cables. However, it can also leave your devices open to spam. Limit sharing permissions to Contacts Only or Receiving Off to remove this risk.

Turn on a firewall for extra protection as needed

Firewalls are staples of enterprise security and they can be useful for individuals, too. A firewall blocks incoming connections, which in some cases may be needed to protect against rogue traffic from apps like BitTorrent clients. Firewall capabilities are built into Windows and macOS.

Make your PC or Mac log off after a set period of time

Once you leave your computer, you don’t want someone else gaining unauthorized access to it. Setting an automatic logoff timer ensures that it’s not vulnerable when you step away for an extended period. This can be done easily on both Windows and macOS.