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When job hunting, verify recruiters that contact you

If a recruiter messages or emails you, make sure they’re doing so from a legitimate account. If they reached out via email, check their handle to see if it’s from a corporate website. If not, ask them to email you from their company email address. If they refuse or don’t respond, it’s likely a scam. […]

Double check who’s connecting with you

Before accepting that friend request or LinkedIn connection, be sure to verify they’re a real person. There are many accounts out there on various social media platforms that are there simply to spread malicious links or skim people’s personal information. If you receive a request from one of these accounts, promptly decline it then report […]

Spot the signs of LinkedIn phishing

LinkedIn can be an attractive venue for phishing scams. Why? Because people want to be found and recruited by new and even unfamiliar connections on this platform. They’re looking for opportunities, so they want to be helpful with new contacts. Still, look out for generic names, suspicious messages that pressure you for personal information and […]

Is it Safe to Sign into Websites with Your Social Media Account?

Is it OK to sign into a website with your Facebook or Google account?