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Be careful when using public PCs

When staying in a hotel or studying in a library, be mindful of how you use publicly accessible computers. There’s no telling who accessed these PCs or how safe they may be. Don’t log in to any personal accounts or input any sensitive information – public computers may be infected with keylogging malware designed to […]

Be wary of publicly accessible computers

Cybercriminals may have infected these computers with viruses or install malicious software One example is keylogger malware which, when installed, captures the keystrokes of the computer’s users and sending this information to criminals via email. Through this malware, criminals are able to receive users’ personal information, such as name, credit card numbers, birthdates, and passwords.

Avoid using the devices of strangers

Try to stick to your own devices when possible, if only for the security benefits. When you use someone else’s laptop or tablet, you have no assurance that it isn’t infected with malware or running a keylogger.