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Be careful with LinkedIn resumé posts

Publicly posting anything on social media is a security risk if someone knows where to look. As with other personal details, hackers can turn your work history into a vital channel for breaking into your digital accounts or launching a phishing campaign. LinkedIn, for example, may contain all sorts of sensitive information about you. So […]

Have you ever used a job board? Once employed, go back and delete your resume

Online job boards can be very helpful when looking for work. Most, if not all, allow you to upload your resume directly to the service so that recruiters and employers can take a look. After finding employment, it’s best to go back and retroactively remove your resume from each job board it’s posted to. If […]

When job hunting, verify recruiters that contact you

If a recruiter messages or emails you, make sure they’re doing so from a legitimate account. If they reached out via email, check their handle to see if it’s from a corporate website. If not, ask them to email you from their company email address. If they refuse or don’t respond, it’s likely a scam. […]

Don’t click on any suspicious links while job hunting

Job board sites contain millions of job postings from places all across the world, but there are a large number of fake job postings as well. If a job sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Check to see if the company that posted the link is legitimate before proceeding to their website […]

Only sign up on well-known job board sites

When applying for jobs, you’re required to give out a lot of information. Be mindful of the sites you’re entering your information on, and try stick with the more well-known job board sites such as: LinkedIn Monster Indeed Glassdoor CareerBuilder

How to stay safe when applying for jobs

With the COVID-19 pandemic apparently nearing its end in the U.S., more people are returning to in-person work. That means more people are applying for jobs, submitting applications left and right, looking for the right fit. In most cases, job applications require a plethora of personal information when being filled out, including addresses, work history, […]