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Toss your end-of-life IoT devices

Your smart home includes a wide variety of networked “Internet of Things” devices like cameras and thermostats. Unfortunately, many of them run software and firmware with known exploits that may never be patched. It may be best to responsibly recycle – many national retailers will take them – and get newer, safer replacements when there […]

Enable Voice Match on your Google Nest device

Unlike Alexa devices, Google Nest has a feature called “Voice Match,” which learns your voice over time. Once your device knows your voice, no one will be able to use your Google Home except for you, which will prevent third parties from accessing the device for your stored information. To set up Voice Match: Select […]

Turn up your Alexa volume

Your Alexa device may wake up if you accidentally say its wake word or if you say a word that is similar. This has resulted in Alexa devices recording private conversations, sending unwanted text messages or even making unintentional purchases. Alexa typically responds when you talk to it, but you may not be able to […]

Set up a PIN for voice purchases

If you have an Alexa device, you can set it up so that it will purchase items when you ask it to. However, this gives anyone in your home, including guests, the power to buy something with your credit card easily. It’s more secure to enable a PIN that you also have to say along […]

Mute your Google Nest device when not using it

Words that sound close enough to the device’s wake words could enable it to record your conversations. Similar to your Alexa device, it will only retain relevant information. However, to protect your privacy as much as possible, you could mute the device when you’re not expecting to use it. You can do this by pushing […]

Delete your Alexa voice recordings daily

Your Alexa device keeps recordings of some of the things you say to it. Only recordings that are considered relevant are retained, however, that could be more than you realize. If you don’t want a record of what you’ve said to your Alexa device, delete your voice recordings every night. Just say “Alexa, delete what […]