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Reused passwords–your iPhone can help you spot the risk

We all know the importance of strong, unique passwords. But let’s be honest, remembering them all can be a struggle. Luckily, iPhones with iOS come with a built-in password manager to help you out. This handy tool not only stores your logins but also helps you identify potential security risks. Here’s what to watch out […]

Set automatic software updates

Whether it’s your phone, laptop or PC, connected devices will start to have chinks in their armor without the latest updates for your operating software. They’ll prompt you now and then, but you can set these to occur on their own, without any direct approval. On iOS for instance, go to Settings > General > […]

Be careful with AirDrop sharing on iOS and macOS devices

Apple’s AirDrop is a convenient way to transfer files between iOS (iPhone) and/or macOS (MacBook) devices that are near to one another. It doesn’t even require an internet connection or any cables. However, it can also leave your devices open to spam. Limit sharing permissions to Contacts Only or Receiving Off to remove this risk.

Have an iPhone? Try the “Hide My Email” feature

The rollout of iOS 15 included a new security capability for iPhone users: The ability to hide your email address from sites and services you register with online. In essence, this feature creates a random email address to use in place of your actual address. In doing, you gain a little more control over the […]

Use the built-in iOS feature to share Wi-Fi passwords

When you have friends, family or other guests to your home, chances are some of them may want access to your Wi-Fi. Instead of typing in a long password that the other person might see, you can use the Wi-Fi sharing feature in iOS 11 or higher that allows you to grant access to others […]

Set up Limited Ad Tracking on iOS

Overall, iOS has many built-in security and privacy protections turned on by default. There are additional features that can help shield your data from falling into the wrong hands. Under Settings –> Privacy –> Apple Advertising, you can toggle “Limit Ad Tracking” to control how much information is shared between apps.