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Look for multi-device online security solutions

Most days you are using multiple computing devices throughout the day to access the internet. No matter which ones you use, be sure you’re running security software that works across all of them. Leading options like Total Defense Ultimate Internet Security can be installed on as many as 10 different devices.

Do not trust everything you see online

When online a little bit of skepticism is helpful. People can post false or misleading information about various topics, including their own identities on social networking websites. It’s not always done with malicious intent; it could be unintentional, an exaggeration, or a joke. Take appropriate precautions, though, and try to verify the authenticity of any […]

Clean up your digital wallet

Over time you are likely to have used various debit and credit cards to make online purchases, permitting your details to be stored for future use — whether it’s in Google Pay, Apple Wallet or a website’s online store. Check through the payment information you’ve stored there, culling out obsolete or unused accounts. Cutting down […]

Be wary of insecure websites

There are still a lot of websites out there that haven’t made the switch to secure connection. It’s easy to spot these if you check the URL before going to the site. Look at the prefix in the address bar; if it is “https://” then you’re safe. If it’s “http://” it means the site is […]

Decline cookies

Most websites now present a pop-up or banner about cookie preferences and allowances when you land on them. These can sometimes prevent you accessing the site until you complete the permissions section. Many use strategic methods of button highlighting and placement to lure you into accepting all cookies before you realize what you’re agreeing to. […]

Download software only from reputable companies and sources

Installing a new program onto your computer is risky business. If you’re not careful, the software you downloaded may be malware in disguise — a scheme to access your private information. Before you install any software, ask yourself these questions: How did I find this software? Did I seek it out or did they find […]