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Keep your passwords complex

If your username for your online banking account is the same as your Xbox Live handle and your password is literally “password”, you’re opening yourself up to attack. What’s more, if you’re relying on the same password for multiple accounts, you’re creating multiple points of failure for a hacker to exploit. Thankfully, we’ve produced articles […]

Use credit over debit for online payments

Most e-commerce web sites have pretty good security. But a good way to increase your safety is to pay with credit, or a prepaid gift and not use debit.  This can protect your identity from theft and can further protect your bank account from theft.

Review your social media permissions

If a payment service is linked to your social media account, your payment or purchase history could accidentally be shared with your larger network. The more you post about yourself, the easier it might be for someone to use the information you post to access your accounts, steal your identity, and more. Year-end is a […]

Don’t throw or give away a hard drive without really erasing it

When you delete something on your computer hard drive, it’s not really gone, just inaccessible through the normal user interface. To really get rid of it, you’ll need specialized software that overwrites the deleted data multiple times. Alternatively, keeping your old drives in storage instead of throwing or giving them away will also lower your […]

Run suspicious profile images through a search engine

If you’ve ever gotten a social media profile request or dating app picture you didn’t trust, you’re in luck. You can upload that image to Google image search or a similar (reverse image search) service to see if it’s been pulled from somewhere on the web and is putting you at risk of being scammed.

Revert your mobile phone to factory settings before giving it away

Thinking of recycling, trading or handing down your mobile phone? Make sure to do a factory reset (after backing up your data) so that the new recipient won’t be able to see anything you left behind.