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Find out where a link redirects to

Not every link leads to where it says it does. Redirects can send you to a site you wouldn’t have visited voluntarily and potentially cause your device to be infected. Services like Redirect Detective and Where Goes can help you see where a link goes to before you click it, sparing you the risk of […]

Don’t rush to click links

Hyperlinks are tricky. When they’re included in text, you can’t immediately see where they lead, meaning a simple click could take you somewhere you don’t want to go, like an adware-infested page. Consider hovering over them with a mouse, or copying them with a press and hold contextual menu on a touchscreen and pasting them […]

Be wary of email hyperlinks

Avoid clicking on hyperlinks in emails; type the URL directly into the address bar instead. If you choose to click on a link, ensure it is authentic before clicking on it. You can check a hyperlinked word or URL by hovering the cursor over it to reveal the full address.