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Use HTTPS wherever available

HTTPS is fundamentally more secure than HTTP. Look for a padlock and/or green-colored certificate holder name in your web browser to ensure that your connection to the site is encrypted.

Hover over links before clicking them

Links can’t always be trusted to go where they say they do. To avoid falling into a trap, hover your mouse over a link you’re not sure of to see where it actually leads. If you’re on a mobile device, you can usually do a light tap and hold on a link to preview where […]

Never buy anything from a site with only “HTTP” in its address

There are many e-commerce sites out there that you should never buy from. The clearest sign that you might be at risk is if the site’s address bar lacks the “HTTPS” prefix or padlock icon signifying the presence of a security certificate. Any site that’s just plain HTTP is not a safe place to perform […]

Be careful with online form-filling

Filling out online forms – like for shipping or payment info – is not only time-consuming, it’s potentially risky. Entering information over a non-secure (non-HTTPS) connection or on public Wi-Fi or a shared device can jeopardize your data. Reduce your risk by only using safe connections on devices you own. Payment options like PayPal also […]

Cybersecurity Advice to Share With Your Family Over Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is usually a good opportunity to catch up with family and friends. This year, consider taking a moment to help anyone who needs it brush up on their cybersecurity practices. The busy holiday shopping season, which really kicks into gear the day after Thanksgiving, is a big time of the year for cybercriminals looking […]

Double-check for HTTPS when you’re on a shared network

It’s just one letter, but there’s a big difference between HTTP and HTTPS in a URL. HTTPS encrypts all page and form data on the site in question, making it essential when using sensitive applications like online banking or e-commerce. If you’re using Wi-Fi in a cafe, hotel or school, checking for HTTPS is critical […]