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The digital traffic jam: DoS attacks and you

Ever try to visit your favorite website, but it’s just…slow? Like dial-up slow? That might be a DoS attack at play, messing with your online experience. But fear not, internet citizen! Let’s unpack what DoS means and how it affects you. Imagine a highway: Cars (data) flow smoothly to reach their destinations (websites). Now, picture […]

Wardriving: wi-fi treasure hunt or hacker hustle?

Ever hopped in your car, phone in hand, searching for free Wi-Fi? You might be unknowingly wardriving. But hold on, is it a harmless adventure or a security red flag? Let’s untangle the digital web. Picture this: You’re cruising down the street, phone scanning for open Wi-Fi networks like buried treasure. That’s wardriving, basically using […]

Do you know what Wireless Sniffing is?

Public hotspots are often left unsecured and their data transmission is unprotected, which makes your sensitive info vulnerable. If a hacker gets hold of your traffic, they could use sniffing tools to gain access to your passwords and credit card numbers. Don’t risk it – always make sure a connection uses WPA2 encryption when connecting […]

Be suspicious of strange messages, even if they’re from people you know

If you receive a message from someone you haven’t heard from in a long time or the communication is in any way unusual, make sure the person you’re talking to isn’t a hacked account by asking them if the message is legitimate through another means such as calling or texting them.

If you drive an autonomous vehicle, turn off the GPS when not in use

Self-driving vehicles are becoming increasingly popular. Because they’re connected to the internet, autonomous vehicles are susceptible to being hacked. One of the easiest ways for a hacker to infiltrate an autonomous vehicle is through “GPS spoofing,” or when they use radio signals to disrupt the car’s navigation system. This method tricks the car into thinking […]

Make your passwords longer, rather than more complex

It’s long been thought that the more complicated a password, the harder it is to crack. Once upon a time, this was true — but not any longer. As decryption and other hacker techniques become more advanced, it’s also becoming easier to guess shorter passwords. By adding additional characters, you’re adding millions of additional possibilities […]