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How to enjoy stress-free online banking

Online banking is a very convenient service for millions of account holders. At the same time, it needs to be handled with care.

How to clean an infected PC

Is your computer compromise? Don’t lose hope!

Connected Cars: Hackers next target

Connected cars are a reality, but are they secured? Private information, software updates and specialized applications for Connected Cars are the three main areas under which hackers can initiate attacks. The industry can no longer ignore the security problems associated with the communication and internet services that are included in the new generation of Connected […]

PlainSploit: Control the Plane

If the danger of using electronic devices on flights is not enough, what would you say about bringing down an aircraft using a simple Android? The horror scenario, where any terrorist with Android could kill hundreds of people, not because of Android, God forbid, but because of a serious loopholes in the commercial flights security […]

Win32/Gys.A Trojan

I got an email with the subject – “Your private photos are there for anyone to see. why??” The e-mail message was – “Sorry to disturb you. Someone sent me thee pictures they seem to be from you and your boyfriend I’m really troubled by this why do you send your private naked photos around?? […]