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Your voice, your choice: managing recordings on Google devices

Love your Google Home for playing tunes and answering questions? But wait, are those conversations being recorded? Don’t worry, you’re in control! Let’s dive into managing your voice and audio activity on Google. Remember those “Hey Google” moments? Your smart speaker stores recordings of your questions and commands. It can be handy for revisiting things […]

Be mindful of voice assistants

While voice assistants offer convenience and entertainment value, be mindful of their potential privacy implications. Voice assistants continually listen for voice commands whenever active, raising concerns about data privacy and security. Review the device’s privacy settings and disable any features that don’t align with your security preference, and be cautious when linking sensitive accounts or […]

Proceed with caution when connecting accounts to your Google Nest

The more accounts you connect to your Google Nest device, the more convenient it is. However, some accounts are better left disconnected, like your online banking account. Information that stays within Google is encrypted, but information that goes from your Google Nest to a third-party is not necessarily protected.

How to protect your smart home

A smart home has a network of devices that communicate and operate with one another seamlessly to provide convenience and efficiency. Since they’re all connected to the internet, these devices are controlled by the homeowner, usually through a smartphone app. Examples of smart home devices include door locks, thermostats, smoke alarms, coffee machines and security […]

Mute smart speakers during sensitive conversations

Have an Amazon Alexa, Google Nest Mini or other smart speaker? You probably want to mute it if you join a lot of phone calls or video conferences while at home. This is easy in most cases; for example, the Nest Mini’s mute switch is on the back. While muted, speakers won’t listen for their […]

Frequently delete the history on your Google Assistant

Smart speakers like Google Assistant capture your voice recordings and store them in a database, which is referenced by development teams to make product improvements. But what if hackers infiltrate that database? If you’re not comfortable allowing anyone access to these records, you can go into the settings for your Google Assistant and click “Delete […]