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Proceed with caution when connecting accounts to your Google Nest

The more accounts you connect to your Google Nest device, the more convenient it is. However, some accounts are better left disconnected, like your online banking account. Information that stays within Google is encrypted, but information that goes from your Google Nest to a third-party is not necessarily protected.

Remove your Google search history

You have probably run a decent amount of searches through Google over the years. Google has a record of all of these requests. By visiting the My Activity page for your Google account, you can select the menu specified by the three dots icon and choose to delete some or all of this activity to […]

Share access to Google Docs instead of sending attachments or links

To ensure that you’re able to preserve access and editing permissions on Google Docs, share files with your collaborators directly. This is also a preferable option over emailing attachments, which is a technique that is commonly exploited by phishers. From an open Doc, click the Share button in the top right corner. Add email addresses, […]

Obscure your background on Google Meet

Google Meet is a convenient videoconferencing solution. Now, users can protect their privacy and limit the potential exposure of personal information that might be visible on camera by using a virtual background. Before you enter a meeting, you’ll be directed to a preview page. Click the figure in the bottom right corner of the video […]

Understand Google Docs sharing permissions

When you share a Google Doc, make sure you’ve set permissions that keep your document as secure as possible. You can opt to restrict access to a specific domain or to people who have the full link. Alternatively, you may make it public on the internet, but check whether you’ve enabled commenting or editing permissions […]

Delete or re-secure your neglected Gmail accounts

If you have multiple Gmail accounts, close out any you don’t frequently use, or revisit and re-secure them with an updated password and multi-factor authentication. This reduces cybersecurity risk in several ways. First, it helps stop others from reading your emails. Second, it can prevent someone accessing one of these accounts and using it to […]