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Change your sharing settings for a folder in Google Drive

It’s considered a best practice in the world of cybersecurity to limit access only to people who need it. To reduce your sharing settings for a folder in Google Drive, right-click the folder and select “Share.” Add people or groups who need access and remove those who don’t. If you use Drive as part of […]

Delete your Google Maps data using your mobile device

Google recently announced that it will delete users’ location data automatically after a year and a half. However, if you’d like to remove your data more regularly, you can do so. With the app open on your mobile device, click your user icon. Then, select “Your data in Maps.” Under Location History, you can turn […]

Make an event private on Google Calendar

Did you know that other people at your company may be able to see your Google Calendar events? That can be a good thing in terms of office transparency. However, if you’re setting events as self-referential reminders or booking time for a sensitive personnel meeting, you might want to limit who can see certain details. […]

Keep an eye on your video and audio settings in Google Meet

Turning your camera on before you enter a meeting conducted via videoconferencing is a good way to simulate face time with colleagues and clients. Many companies have a corporate communications policy about whether you should have your camera on or off by default. No matter what, cover your camera when it’s not in use, and […]

Set up multiple Google Accounts on Chrome

It’s not uncommon these days for one user to have multiple Google Accounts in use on one device. If that’s the case for you, it can be pretty tedious to sign in and out all the time to access your email, calendar and other features. Instead, in Chrome, click on your user icon and select […]

Check which devices are logged into your Google Account

If you suspect there might be an unauthorized user on your Google Account, you can check which devices are logged into it. From any Google application, click on your user icon, then select “Manage your Google Account.” Navigate to the Security menu, and find the section labeled “Your devices.” If you don’t recognize something, follow […]