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Switch from Yahoo Mail to Gmail

Gmail has more advanced security features than Yahoo Mail. Plus, Google is known to respond more quickly to cyberattacks. So if you want more peace of mind while sending and receiving emails, make Gmail your go-to service. 

Move email to the right Gmail tabs to control email flow

One of the great things about Gmail is its tabbed interface that sorts messages into multiple inboxes (e.g., Primary, Promotions, Social, etc.). You can drag messages between these inboxes to control which ones generate new mail notifications and which ones simply accumulate in another tab. This can be useful for avoiding feeling overwhelmed by your […]

Use Google prompts to confirm logins on a mobile device

Two-factor authentication (2FA) makes your accounts more secure. For a Google Account, confirming each new login via a prompt is one of the safest and most convenient 2FA options. Once you enable the option from your account page, you can confirm or deny login requests from your mobile device. On Android, these prompts come from […]

Know how to generate and manage app passwords

Services such as Gmail and Office 365 often require app passwords when you connect them to other applications. Adding your webmail address to a mail client is a classic example. These app passwords are different from the main passwords for the accounts they correspond to. You can generate them on each account setting page and […]

Periodically review your Gmail settings

Gmail provides a lot of flexibility in how you send and check emails. It can even serve as a mail client for non-Gmail accounts such as those hosted at Yahoo and and send mail from their addresses. Every now and then, review the settings tab in Gmail to make sure that the “Send Mail […]

Recognize at-risk email addresses in Gmail

Gmail supports standard TLS encryption for email, which protects messages in transit. This is not the same level of protection you get from a service like ProtonMail, but it’s still essential to have. Not all email services support even basic encryption, though. Gmail will alert to you ones that don’t – just look for a […]