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Delete or re-secure your neglected Gmail accounts

If you have multiple Gmail accounts, close out any you don’t frequently use, or revisit and re-secure them with an updated password and multi-factor authentication. This reduces cybersecurity risk in several ways. First, it helps stop others from reading your emails. Second, it can prevent someone accessing one of these accounts and using it to […]

Limit the details you share in automatic email replies on Gmail

If you’re headed on vacation, it’s a good idea to set up automatic replies from your email. In Gmail, go to Settings and scroll down to “Vacation responder” under the General tab. You can include some amount of information, like when you’ll respond to emails, but keep it to a minimum. Remember, while you might […]

Schedule dedicated time for handling emails, and turn off notifications in Gmail

Often, phishing attacks succeed with users who would otherwise know better. Why? Because they’re trying to do too many things at once. Schedule a certain amount of time each day when you can devote your full attention to your inbox. To make this easier in Gmail, open up your Settings. Then, under the General tab, […]

Add a second email address for Google account recovery

For many people, their Gmail account is the only personal email address they use. However, if your lose access to your Google account or it becomes compromised, selecting a secondary email address can help you recover the account. From your Google account page, open the Security tab. Then, scroll down to the section that says […]

Send an email later in Gmail

It might not be the right time to send an email, but it’s definitely the right time for you to write it. Fortunately, scheduling a send is easy in Gmail. After you compose your message, select the downward-facing arrow next to the Send button. Then select “Schedule Send.” You’ll be given a list of suggested […]

Disable default HTML image downloads in Gmail

Loading an HTML email from an unreliable source could expose you to malicious content. If you want to disable images from automatically loading in Gmail, click the Settings button, and in the General section, scroll down to Images. You can select “Ask before displaying external images.” If you’re on mobile, you’ll have to select your […]