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Link your credit card — rather than your debit card — to your Venmo account

Linking your credit card to your Venmo account is safer than linking your debit card because credit cards have more legal protections governing fraud than debit cards. Additionally, when someone steals from your debit account, they are taking money directly from your pocket. However, when someone steals from your credit card, they aren’t taking your […]

Do your e-commerce homework

Fraudsters are fond of setting up fake e-commerce sites in times of unrest like the current pandemic. Prior to making a purchase, read reviews to hear what others say about the merchant. In addition, look for a physical location and any customer service information. It’s also a good idea to call the merchant to confirm […]

4 common imposter scams to watch out for

Impersonation is a popular tactic among cybercriminals today. By putting enough space between them and their victims, the internet makes it easy for scammers to pose as government agents, representatives of well-known organizations, and even loved ones via emails, direct messages, phone calls, etc. Once they have your trust, these fraudsters will try to coerce […]

Watch out for ticket fraud

Is there an upcoming concert or a sporting event that you’re trying to buy cheap tickets for? Be careful. Selling fake tickets online is one of the top scams on the internet today. Fraudsters will pose as legitimate companies and post attractive ticket prices to trick you into sending them your payment credentials.

Social media is part of the online fraud toolset

By searching Google and scanning social media sites, cybercriminals can gather information about your partners and vendors, as well as human resources and financial departments. Employees should avoid oversharing on social media and should not conduct official business, exchange payment, or share personally identifiable information (PII) on social media platforms.

3 Signs a Midterm Election Call, Text, or Post Might be Risky

During the last days of election season, get-out-the-vote initiatives go into full swing. Most candidates now have multifaceted operations involving phone banking, targeted texting and email campaigns, which seek to engage likely supporters across multiple channels. Modern campaigning still involves significant expenditures on standbys like TV and radio advertising, but it has evolved dramatically in the […]