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Use end-to-end encryption for sensitive communications

End-to-end encryption means a message is protected throughout its entire journey from sender to receiver. Many common forms of communication, from email to many chat apps, don’t enforce it, though. Look for apps that provide a detailed explanation of their encryption measures, and explore encrypted email if you are worried about the contents of your […]

What is encryption?

In very basic terms, encryption is a way to send a message in code. The only person who can decode the message is the person with the correct key; to anyone else, the message looks like a random series of letters, numbers, and characters. Encryption is especially important if you are trying to send sensitive […]

Use encrypted email if you regularly send sensitive data

You might think email is relatively safe, but it’s an old set of protocols with many vulnerabilities. Consider using encrypted email for full protection – messages sent through these services are completely unreadable by anyone without your key, although using it can take some getting used to.