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Disable unused features for extra security

Ever feel overwhelmed by all the pre-installed features on your computer? You’re not alone Many devices come loaded with options you might never use. But here’s the secret: unused features can be security risks. Think of it like leaving your house with all the doors and windows unlocked – not ideal disabling features you don’t […]

Facebook flooding your inbox – take back control

Feeling overwhelmed by a tsunami of Facebook emails? You’re not alone. Facebook loves to keep you informed… maybe a little too much. But fear not, social media master. You have the power to turn off or reduce these emails and reclaim your inbox zen. Imagine your inbox as a calm beach – peaceful and serene. […]

Digital lifeline: clone your hard drive before it’s too late

Ever worry about losing precious memories and files due to a failing hard drive? It’s a real concern, as these storage warriors eventually wear down, like well-worn sneakers. Traditional hard drives can give up the ghost in just 4-5 years. But fear not, tech adventurer. Hard drive cloning can be your digital shield. Imagine creating […]

How to keep your digital memories safe

Ever imagine losing all your precious photos, documents, and memories stored digitally? That’s why backing up your data is crucial, like having a digital safety net to catch precious memories in case of mishaps. Think of it like storing copies of your favorite photos, documents, and files in a safe place, just like you wouldn’t […]

Cloud backups are a good alternative to hoarding data on a hard drive.

3 reasons you should regularly back up your PC’s data and apps

Still unsure whether you should back up your data? Here are 3 reasons why you should do so.

Ransomware: how does it sneak in?

Ransomware, that digital bully holding your files hostage, can strike in different ways. Let’s explore its sneaky delivery methods: 1. Phishing Emails: Imagine getting an email that looks like it’s from your bank, friend, or even a famous company. It might urge you to click a link or open an attachment. Don’t fall for it. […]