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Check to see if your data has been breached

Are you positive your personal information hasn’t already been compromised? That’s a scary question to ponder, but an important one to have answered. Use a website that checks your phone number or email address against a database of known data breaches for free. This might give you peace of mind that your information is still […]

Classify your corporate data by sensitivity

Data classification is a staple part of data security. It helps your organization determine where they should focus their efforts and which types of data are better left unattended. Classifying data by sensitivity – that is, how damaging the information could be if it were destroyed or exposed – is a great way to prioritize […]

Switch up your passwords

Various services will permit you to keep the identical password for years. That may be unsafe, since data breaches might expose your credentials that you use across many sites. Try making strong passwords using a password generator, and change them periodically, every six months or so, to be sure you’re not using anything that’s already […]

Collecting a lot of sensitive data? Try data loss prevention software

Nowadays, businesses are full of delicate information – exactly the type that malicious outsiders would love to get their hands on. One of the best ways to protect your business data is to deploy a data loss prevention (DLP) solution. This is software designed to prevent both insiders and outsiders from transferring data outside the […]

Protect your organization with dark web monitoring

If your company’s sensitive information is compromised, it could wind up somewhere on the dark web. This part of the internet is made up of websites that aren’t indexed by search engines, but are frequented by malicious parties. By continuously running scans, you can monitor the dark web to see if your data has appeared […]

Be proactive and prepare for ransomware attacks

The best way to beat a ransomware strike is to prepare for one. Most organizations are unprepared for a breach, which is why they often pay the ransom. Know the best practices of ransomware attacks, the types of scams that are out there and the tricks malicious actors like to pull. If your business notices […]