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Double up your security with two-factor authentication (2FA)

Remember the scramble to enable 2FA on your gaming account to snag sweet rewards? Well, 2FA is actually a superhero for all your online accounts, not just video games! Here’s why you should seriously consider enabling it wherever possible: Two-Factor Authentication: Your Extra Login Layer Think of 2FA as a security guard for your accounts. […]

Don’t be a password repeat offender

We all love the convenience of sticking with the same password for everything. Data breaches happen all the time, and if one site gets hacked, your password for other accounts could be at risk. Here’s how to be a password pro and keep your online life safe: But creating and remembering tons of passwords is […]

How to find out if your accounts have been breached

Data breaches are like digital wildfires, sweeping through companies and exposing our personal information. With so many happening, how do you know if your accounts are caught in the flames? Fear not, many tools exist to help you assess the damage and protect yourself. Breaches: the unwelcome guests Data breaches happen when hackers break into […]

Encrypt sensitive data

Encryption is a cornerstone of data security — without it, you significantly increase your susceptibility to data breaches. Two common and widely adopted data encryption methods are public key (asymmetric encryption) and private key (symmetric encryption). By encrypting sensitive information, you add an extra layer of protection and, in turn, make it difficult for malicious […]

Initiate employee training

While conservative estimates say that just under 80% of data breaches stem from employee mistakes, more liberal studies place that figure in the upper 90 percentile. By training your employees on best practices for data security, you can significantly reduce the risk of data breaches within your organization. Furthermore, as the prevalence and impact of […]

Lock it down: securing your devices and data beyond passwords

We fortress our online lives with firewalls and passwords, but what about the physical realm? Our trusty laptops, phones, and tablets hold treasure troves of data, and keeping them safe from prying eyes and sticky fingers is just as crucial as digital defenses. So, let’s build physical walls around our devices and turn up the […]