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LockBit busted: a win in the fight against ransomware

Remember LockBit, the notorious ransomware gang that caused havoc worldwide? Well, justice has been served! In a global effort, law enforcement authorities from many countries, including the US and UK, successfully disrupted their operations. Imagine LockBit as a digital villain, holding people’s data hostage for ransom. This takedown is like capturing the mastermind and putting […]

Don’t overshare on social media

Love sharing selfies and life updates on social media? Too much info can be a security risk. Think of it like leaving your house keys on the porch – anyone could grab them. Why the caution? Malicious folks can use those juicy details you post to: So, how to stay safe without being a social […]

Educate yourself on the most popular types of cyberattacks

Cybercrime is a constantly-evolving threat that is always finding new ways to breach your privacy. For example, phishing attacks develop new tactics to make them look legitimate, malware developers discover new ways to install them onto your device, and data breaches at companies that store private consumer information happen at alarming rates. To help protect […]

Are you #CyberAware? 4 best practices for keeping personal data private online

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month is coming up. Here’s what you can do to prepare and take its usual lessons to heart.

Cyber crime never pays

Although those involved in hacking schemes are often able to hide their true identities behind a computer screen, sooner or later many of them end up in police custody. One of the most recent examples of this is Lauri Love, a U.K. citizen who will be extradited to the U.S. on charges of hacking. Love, […]