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5 password mistakes many people make

Proper password creation and protection are by far the most important parts of personal cyber security. A hacker with access to your login credentials can pretty much steal your online identity. In fact, the Verizon 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report found that 63 percent of observed hacks originated from poor password control. So, what kinds […]

Why virus protection alone is not enough

Fact: Virus protection is helpful in staving off cyberattacks. Myth: It is the only tool you need for safe computing. Pretty much everyone who uses the Internet is bound to encounter one of those online ads that promises to defend your entire computer. The ad begins with some variation on the idea that “your computer isn’t safe,” […]

Digital Dragon – Enter the Chinese Cyber Army

The Cold War ended, the Berlin Wall fell and no longer nuclear submarines prowl the waters of the oceans waiting to rain down nuclear Armageddon on our planet, or so they tell us. However, a new Cold War is unfolding in real and its consequences can be disastrous. This is a conflict between the rising […]

China broke the “ceasefire” cyber war with the U.S.

Multiple attacks on U.S. companies and probably also on government systems. It seems China’s hacker army resumed its attacks after 3 months of silence. The exact identity of targets hit by latest assault is not fully known, but it seems to be in many companies and government bodies that were also hit by the prior […]

‘Red October’

For the last couple of months we have encouneterd multiple attacks coming in from a new cyber-spying group, which calls itself Rocra, AKA ‘Red October’. The findings are a bit worrisome, as evidence that this is a group that works for at least five years behind the scenes and without the knowledge of security companies, […]