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How to defend against cryptojacking

Employ Cybersecurity best practices to help you protect your internet-connected systems and devices against cryptojacking. Be sure to use and maintain antivirus software – it recognizes and protects a computer against malware – allowing you to detect and remove a possibly unwanted program before it can do any harm. It’s best to make sure your […]

What’s cryptojacking?

Cybercriminals distribute cryptojacking malware through weaponized mobile applications, botnets, and social media platforms by manipulating flaws in applications and servers, and by hijacking Wi-Fi hotspots. With the cryptomining software installed, the malicious cybercriminals effectively hijack the processing power of the victim devices and systems to earn cryptocurrency. Also, malicious cyber actors may infect a website […]

Store your crypto key securely

Cryptocurrencies are largely accessed using a private digital key that cannot be reset if you forget it. Unlike most passwords for online accounts, these aren’t stored anywhere, which presents the risk of permanently losing access to your account if you don’t have your credentials properly stored. Before making any significant cryptocurrency purchases, be sure you’re […]

Store cryptocurrency in a cold wallet

Cold wallets aren’t connected to the internet, which renders them much safer than other digital wallets. They generate public and private keys, which are printed on a physical piece of paper. Any crypto stored on the cold wallet can only be accessed if you have that paper’s keys in your possession. Other than the blockchain, […]

Be mindful of crypto scams

Cryptocurrencies have increased in popularity in recent years. Consequently, blockchains have also been the target of cybercriminals. Cryptos, like Bitcoin, use security keys to protect currency with unique corresponding sets of letters and numbers. Despite these measures, bad actors are increasingly using cryptocurrencies to steal information and collect ransom. Before purchasing a coin, make sure […]

What types devices are at risk for cryptojacking?

Any internet-connected device with a CPU is susceptible to cryptojacking. The following are commonly targeted devices: Computer systems and network devices – including those connected to information technology and Industrial Control System networks; Mobile devices – devices are subject to the same vulnerabilities as computers; and Internet of Things devices – internet-enabled devices (e.g., printers, […]