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Be careful about what’s on display during videoconferencing

If you’re using videoconferencing technology with your camera turned on, make sure that no personal information is visible in the frame. It may seem obvious, but that includes making sure no passwords are visible on your desk or on a whiteboard behind you.

Recognize charity scams

Charity scams are a predictable feature of any major disaster. Usually, these scams have tell-tale signs such as typos, odd return email addresses and aggressive marketing language. Just to be safe, check for guidance from bodies such as the Federal Trade Commission, and avoid opening any messages with senders you don’t recognize.

Don’t expect emails from the IRS

The IRS is the only source of official guidance on tax refunds and stimulus payments. The agency doesn’t directly email individuals and will instead reach out only via mail. For all other information, the IRS website is your best bet, as it includes lots of FAQs and some online tools for helping you calculate tax […]

Check your settings before joining an online meeting

If you use online meeting software for audio and video conferencing, it’s recommended to use their preview screens to ensure all your settings are right before joining. You can mute your mic and/or turn off your camera there. Doing so can help avoiding leaking information or making comments that you didn’t want others to hear.

Switch to contactless payments for better hygiene

Worried about getting pathogens on your credit/debit card or on the change you receive after a cash payment? Explore options for contactless payments. These range from NFC/chip-based technologies like Apple Pay and Google Pay to code scanners like Walmart Pay and Target Wallet. All you need is a bank account or card to link the […]

What to look for in a 5G laptop when you upgrade your work-from-home equipment

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly hastened the trend toward working from home (WFH). As employees across the country adapt to remote working environments, some users may have become a bit uncertain about their tech options. If you find yourself looking for an upgrade when it comes to your home office equipment, consider how the 5G […]