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Create a disaster recovery plan

In the instance of your sensitive information becoming breached, a well-structured disaster recovery plan is necessary to mitigate potential damages. While the plan will differ depending on the nature of the breach, you generally want to consider a risk assessment, backup restoration and legal and compliance matters. The specific plan will vary depending on the […]

Physically backup your data

Beyond backing up your data on a secure cloud network, consider also fortifying your information through physical storage. Physical backups provide an added layer of protection, ensuring that your data is safeguarded even in the event of unexpected digital mishaps or cyberattacks. Keep these physical storage devices in a safe and secure location — ideally away […]

Be cautious with HTML attachments

Have you ever received an email with an attachment bearing the .html or .htm extension? These extensions denote web pages. Clicking on them will redirect you to an external website. It’s crucial to approach such attachments with caution because their destinations may be unknown. Avoid clicking on them if you can. If necessary, request the […]

Store data in the cloud to keep your PC running quickly

Keeping files on your PC’s local network takes up storage space which can cause the computer to slow down. You free up more data storage when you migrate your documents, photos, videos and more to a cloud storage server. This extra space will allow your device to run more smoothly and process information faster. Moreover, […]

Back up your camera photos

There are many services that can back up your camera storage to the cloud to preserve your memories even if you lose access to your phone. They often offer paid plans with higher storage caps if you have a large amount of content you want to save. These services also offer additional features such as […]

Automatic data backups are crucial

It is essential to ensure that your data is properly protected, but sometimes it can be difficult to make the time to back it up. With Total Defense Ultimate Internet Security, however, the process of backing up your data is made incredibly simple. This solution will automatically save your important files and you can easily […]