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Backup your files and data to an offline copy

Data is a lucrative target for cybercriminals. If your accounts become compromised, they could access your sensitive data and personal information. Backup programs mitigate the risk that bad actors delete or hold data ransom. Automated programs can even schedule routine backups at an interval to ensure your most recent data is protected. Storing this backup […]

Keep your sensitive documents secure by setting access privileges

Paperless offices depend on a reliable digital solution to manage their files. More importantly, they need to keep sensitive information out of harm’s way, including malicious hackers who want to extort them with ransomware. Storing digital files in a protected system is a good way to protect them from outsiders. Take this one step further […]

Make sure to employ cloud backup to protect your data

Data can be lost in many ways including ransomware, malware, computer malfunctions, viruses, and accidental deletion. Use electronic and physical back-ups or copies of your most important files. Best practice is to also use an online backup tool as an added layer of security to keep your important documents safe.

If you use cloud services, encrypt your data for a little extra protection

Encryption is a great asset to cloud computing. By encrypting your data, you basically make it impossible to read without the necessary keys. Encryption allows you to create those keys so that if a data breach does occur, your information will be worthless to attackers. You can also encrypt just parts of your data that […]

Back up your smartphone’s data to the cloud

Be sure to set up cloud backup for important data on your phone, such as: Contacts. Pictures. Videos. Apps. Email data. This ensures you can recover your data and information should something happen to your smartphone and makes it easy to access important assets from other devices in the meantime. Make sure your cloud storage […]

Follow the 3-2-1 rule with backups

The 3-2-1 rule is a great general framework for backing up your data: Back up at least 3 total copies of your data. Ensure 2 of them are local but are on different media (e.g., external hard drives or SD cards). Keep 1 offsite, likely in a cloud-based backup service.