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While gaming online, use party chat instead of in-game chat

Whether gaming on your console or a PC, form a voice chat party using the console’s party app or a third-party PC app, rather than using a game’s in-game chat. This will keep your conversation private and ensure you and your friends will remain anonymous, even if you divulge self-identifying information. In-game chats are open […]

Use Mattermost for virtual workplace conversations

Mattermost is a more secure alternative to Slack, so it can be appropriate for a workplace setting. It contains most of the same features as Slack, like multiple chat rooms and the ability to send GIFs and emojis, but it also contains multiple layers of security with its high-trust SaaS approach and lack of third-party […]

Avoid sending sensitive info over plain SMS texts

SMS texts (e.g., the green messages on iPhones, and most messages sent from the stock Chat app on Android devices) are not encrypted, which sets them apart from most internet-based messaging services like iMessage or WhatsApp. Accordingly, it’s best not to include sensitive data like a bank account number within them.

Be careful with workplace chat services

Apps like Slack and HipChat are enormously popular in today’s workplaces. However, they log your conversations and may allow supervisors to view information without your knowledge. Use discretion or resort to other communications channels for private matters.