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Use an ad blocker, except on sites that you trust

Ads are annoying, but they can also be dangerous. When you click on a malicious ad that leads to malware, it will instantly start downloading it. Ad blockers can prevent those malicious ads from showing up in the first place. However, some pages don’t work properly with ad blockers on, so turn it off if […]

Use a link scanner to check URLs before opening them

If you receive a link via email, DM or on social media, you can’t always be sure of the source or its actual destination. Bad actors will hide a malicious URL using various tricks, such as changing the displayed text to something seemingly safe or use a URL shortener so it’s indecipherable. Fortunately, you can […]

Use browser extensions to secure a safe connection

A great way to stay safe while you browse the internet is to reinforce your web browser with a security add-on. Browser extensions like HTTPS Everywhere allow you to create a secure connection with websites where they may not otherwise be one. In essence, the add-on scans to see if the unprotected site offers a […]

Constrain Facebook’s tracking of your online activities

Facebook can be a useful platform for keeping in touch with friends and family. However, it collects enormous data on its users, even when they leave the site. Think about installing a browser extension or add-on like Facebook Container in Firefox to hide your web browsing details from Facebook and prevent targeted ads and recommendations.

Be picky with Chrome extensions

From ad blockers to video screenshotters, Chrome extensions make browsing the web even more convenient than it already is. However, beware Chrome extensions that aren’t very well known. Some of them track your browsing history and can poach your data using spyware. Be sure to check recent reviews before installing.

Keep your eye out for Google Chrome extension malware

Extensions are great for enhancing web browsers, but they can also create security risks. For example, Google Chrome is probably just another trusted application to your operating system and antivirus software, meaning it – and its extensions – can run code without a hitch. Extensions may be malicious, though. Try looking for unusual names, obscure […]